question for you...

what if you could have your instagram, course slides, and workbook designed and ready to go in an afternoon?

or, let me rephrase that...


What if you no longer had to feel overwhelmed with your marketing?


Keeping up with Instagram, attracting dream clients, being consistent with your marketing... 

all of that won't be a problem anymore. At least, it won't be for you. It's time to say goodbye to the unnecessary overwhelm and stress.


Imagine having a course idea and having all the design templates ready to go for you.

Course slides, check. Course workbook, check. Instagram launch promo graphics, check.


If "not being a designer" is holding you back from showing up on Instagram, creating your first course, selling an ebook, making a workbook - keep reading...

here's the problem...

you know that in order to make sales, your marketing and product delivery need to stand out and look good.

However, you're constantly avoiding and neglecting the visual part of your business, because of thoughts like...

  • "It takes too much time. I already have a lot on my plate."
  • "I'm not a designer. What if what I make doesn't look good?"
  • "It feels really overwhelming, and I don't know where to start."

can you imagine?

imagine having ready-to-use canva templates for all your biz marketing needs... without having to start from scratch?

what would happen? let me ask my crystal ball...

  • Your ideal clients and customers are going to know, like, and trust you -- and want to work with you and/or buy from you as a result!. You'll no longer be struggling with creating your Instagram content. In fact, maybe you'll even grow to love it!


  • You're going to want to start that podcast, blog, Youtube channel, etc. Because you'll already have the templates for them!


  • You're going to want to create that digital product and course idea you spent the last few weeks, months, maybe even YEARS thinking about. Because all the templates will be there for you. Ready to go.


    Can it really be that easy? Yes. Yes, it can.


ready-to-use canva templates designed to help you market and sell your offers with ease

and for a limited time, you can grab an all-access lifetime template pass for ONLY $127.



- instagram marketing templates. check.

- course slide deck and workbook templates. check.

- launch promo graphics for courses and digital products. check.

- resources to help you build your audience, email list, etc. yup!

let's take a look at EVERYTHING you're getting 😱

(plus more to come!!)

today's price: $127

still not sure? here's what it looks like on the inside!

meet the designer + strategist

hey, i'm molly and i'm here to help you market and sell your services, products, and offers.

In June 2018, I created and sold my first digital product. It was a marketing template, in case you were wondering.


Since then, I've sold over 1,200 design templates along with courses, memberships, and low ticket offers and bundles.


In addition to being a designer I'm also a digital product and course coach with tons of experience in content marketing and digital product sales -- which means I know what grabs people's attention, and these templates are designed to help you attract, nurture, and convert in your marketing and help you with product creation and delivery.


The reality is... design can be really time and energy consuming. The good news is that it no longer has to be either one of those once you have this templates in your digital toolbox.


Now you'll have more time and energy to work in your zone of genius, on your business, be with your family, or maybe you're like me... more Netflix and nap time. :P

frequently asked questions

Can I see more of the templates/graphics that are included?

Yes! Here is a more in-depth preview.

Who are these templates for?

These templates are for small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, coaches, course creators, personal brands, podcasters, etc.


If you want to create a freebie/lead magnet, ebook, workbook, masterclass, course; grow your audience, Instagram following, email list; start a blog, podcast, etc., then this is definitely the Canva template kit for you!


I am not a designer. Will these templates work for me?

Yes! In fact, I created these templates with you in mind. They're all designed and ready to use - all you have to do is enter in your own info (text and images) and you're good to go!


I already have my own brand fonts and colors. Can I still use these?

Yes, absolutely! These templates are completely customizable, so you can change the fonts and colors to your own brand fonts and colors.


Not sure how to do that? There's a video inside my Canva training library to help you out with that.


How can I access these templates?

After checkout, you will receive an email with your login details to the template portal. From there, you'll get instant access to all the templates so you can start using them today!


Do I need a Canva Pro account?

Nope! You can use these templates with a free Canva account.


(However, I may be adding in some templates with Canva Pro fonts in the future. But you can always just use a free font if you don't want to upgrade to a Canva Pro account.)


Can I share this with my team member/VA?

Yes, absolutely! Your team members can totally use these templates to help you out in. your business!


** Please note there is a "one template pass per business" policy.

You can purchase these for your own business/brand and share them with your team members to help you out, but if they want to use these for their own business (or another client's business), they're going to have to buy their own pass.


If you are a VA, marketing strategist, designer, etc. and you would like to use these templates for your clients' business and marketing, please ask them to purchase this template pack and share the access with you.

I think this goes without saying, but you can't resell the actual templates.


You can, however, use these templates to create your workbook, ebook, course, etc. and sell the final product!


Are there refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds. But after you see and use these templates, you won't want to stop using them.


Have a question I didn't answer?

The best way to reach me is through Instagram @mollyhostudio, or send me an email at


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